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Voyage LA Feature:

Masters of Arts thesis (2017):
MANARIWA: A Filipina Perspective on Indigenous Contemporary Dance



MADU.CHINO presented an organically unfolding synthesis of light design, vocals, synths, Philippine instruments (kulintang and agong), Philippine dance and martial arts practices, and break dancing.  The duration of the unfolding was from 6 – 10PM during sunset time upon the Angels Gate Cultural Center mountain in San Pedro, California.

Throughout this 4 hour process, I entered a meditative state of being, where spirit, trust, and surrender through embodied practice is the guiding thread.  These embodied practices are Philippine dance (pangalay), hula, yoga, and martial arts.  There are no restrictions or judgements upon what emerges visually, as the practice involves internal energetic focus and natural emergence.

Videography & Documentation: Jonathan Godoy (

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

Host Collective:

Lighting & Sound-
Matt (@madu.chino)

Synths and Vocals:
Ivan (@szehochen)
Nina (@nxamusic)

Toni Pasion (@toni.pasion)
Paru Herrera-Lim (@dearastralparu)
Amelia Butler (@ameliahbutler)

Kulintang and Agong:
Diyan Valencia (@bukobomba)
Nicanor Evangelista, Jr. (@inkanor)



April – May 2018

The TeAda Performing Artist Impact Fellowship offers actors, artists, and activists interested in social justice art the opportunity to train in TeAda’s performing arts methodology which emphasizes storytelling as a tool for social justice, healing and solidarity.  Under the guidance of a seasoned TeAda Teaching Artist, the 2019 fellows will be immersed in storytelling circles with community partner organization Program for Torture Victims.  The 2019 Fellows will undergo hands on training in specific TeAda methodology.  This fellowship allows for the exploration and development of authentic storytelling from communities shaping and cultivating the next generation of storytellers.  Fellows will perform in a culminating live performance and the opportunity to grow a connection between the artists and community members.  The fellow will participate in both private and in the field training.



Presented by Toni Pasion and Art Francisco
April 2019
Kayamanan Ng Lahi’s Cultural Treasure Series
Glendale Community College
Glendale, California

The Sinulog Festival held in January to honor the Santo Nino carries with it the rhythms and the beat of the heart of Cebu City.  In this Cultural Treasures Series workshop, Toni Pasion and Art Francisco share their immersion experience in the practice of and the process of the Sinulog.  Join us as we view the sights, the sounds, the movements and the heart of Sinulog.












Presented by Lei Angela Sahagun & Toni Pasion
May 2019
Women’s Creative Center for Work
Frogtown, Los Angeles, California
Co-Organizer, Performance Curator, Movement Facilitator

Kapwa is a Tagalog word translating to “we are one in the same, equal, of the same kind” Tao in Tagalog means “human being.”  Kapwa Tao Festival is a one-day festival geared towards community bridging and allyship for self and communal care, unified resilience, storytelling, and inter-generational dialogue through the creative arts.  Kapwa Tao and their organizers Lei Sahagun and Toni Pasion are based on Tongva lands and acknowledge and respect the sustainability of the indigenous caretakers of the Los Angeles basin.  The event highlights and provides a platform for local artisans and organizations to share their conscious practices amongst diverse communities.

Photography: Jonathan Godoy
Video recap: Gary Jornacion











A Stage of Our Own: Where We Stand

March 2019
James R. Armstrong Theatre, Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Torrance, California
Director, Performer, Choreographer

Bringing together an array of cultural workers and artists, the WHERE WE STAND project aims to create platforms for reflection upon ourselves in relation to community, land, and allyship.  WHERE WE STAND is a 6 month project, involving 5 monthly workshops and a culmination performance.  Each workshop introduces concepts that the facilitators are working through to create their original short works for the culmination performance.  This work is sponsored by the Social Practice Art Initiative of Fulcrum Arts.

Videography: Kultura Films


A Stage of Our Own: UNITY

March 2018
Highways Performance Space
Santa Monica, California
Director, Performer, Choreographer

A Stage of Our Own (ASOO) presents a compilation of short works created by and centered on Philippine and Pacific Island womxn.  “Unity” presents our shared aspects of human experience, portrayed through dance, music, film, poetry, and installation.  This production is funded directly by the community.

Videography: Kultura Films


A Stage of Our Own: UNBOUNDED

Pieter Performance Space
August 2018
Eagle Rock, California
Director, Performer, Choreographer

UNBOUNDED presents a compilation of interwoven short works by 5 Philippine and Pacific Island womxn expressing liberation through their practice of their cultural art forms.

Videography: Edward Sterrett