LA Walang Hiya

LA WALANG HIYA (LAWH) is a creative, mind-body based workshop-space aiming to change the narrative of shame by reclaiming self-autonomy through mind-body practices, dialogue, and community-based education.

In the Tagalog language of the Philippines, walang hiya translates to without shame, or shameless. This phrase was utilized as a derogatory saying of recklessness to societal standards; in many instances, further upholding social disparity between the rich and poor in the Philippines.

LAWH is Filipinx-rooted, and aims to change the narrative of shame among Filipinx and diasporic communities throughout the U.S. Turtle Island, and the world. LAWH is one of many regions worldwide utilizing creative modalities to redefine walang hiya.

LA Walang Hiya / #LAWalangHiya was officially established on October 1, 2019 in the form of three monthly workshops hosted by the Move into Stillness Meditation & Healing Arts Series at Pieter Performance Space in Highland Park, California.  LAWH has also been offered as a workshop at Halikha/Avenue 50 Studio.

LA Walang Hiya currently hosts workshops throughout resource spaces in Los Angeles.  To bring a workshop or interactive presentation to your space, email for booking.





Photography: Jonathan Godoy
Video: Alea of Pieter Spac

I’ve found that different ways of healing through focus and, in a sense, relaxation of energy and vibrations have helped me to heal and become stronger in different aspects than I am used to. 

My training in boxing and the military helped me to be a survivor and fighter, but the type of work LA Walang Hiya brings helps to heal and empower me in a different way.
This type of workshop is important to the community as it brings healing in an amazing environment.  It provides a sense of safety, union, and unity to those that may need it.
Being a survivor of many situations myself, I have become somewhat of success story who some reach out to, and Los Angeles is very lucky to have your services in the city.”
– Mark V./Bagyo




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